Install Vitriturf directly over sound sub-bases

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The Vitriturf TK System is a unique poured in place safety system designed to be applied over most substrates including grass, hard pan dirt, compacted stone and sand. This patent pending system utilizes a welded wire mesh, and a unique polyurethane binder, Vitriturf TK Binder. The TK System can be utilized with the various Vitriturf Systems.


Pompano Beach Park in Pompano Beach, Florida utilized the TK System over a sand sub-base.

1. Reduces the cost per square foot of the total poured in place system.

2. Allows for quicker installation because the Vitriturf crew provides the sub-base and system.

3. Meets the same requirements for shock attenuation, slip resistance as the standard Vitriturf System.


TK System Brochure

TK System Specifications

TK Curb Specifications

TK Termination at Edge Specifications