Vitriturf NT

Only Zero Tire System

Rindge Apts-Camridge-MA-1

Vitriturf NT is the only poured in place safety system which does not have any tires in its system. The NT is the same as our traditional Vitriturf poured in place system, but the base mat is comprised of recycled rubber outside of the tire industry. With the influx of tires coming to the US market from overseas, the concern about carcinogens and arsenic in these tires is of great concern. For the clientele who do not want any tires in their playground, we have created the Vitriturf NT System.


1. NO TIRES in the entire system.

2. Vitriturf has been a leader in the PIP industry since 1982.

3. 7 year warranty is available.

4. Single Source Responsibility.

Vitriturf NT Brochure

Vitriturf NT Specification